About me

Why did I start a business that aims for all New Zealand homes, offices and cars to smell fabulous!?

How did it all start?

Flame & Scent Ltd. started out really simple, my husband told me to ‘get a hobby’ because I always complained about how bored I was. I started with a really simple DIY candle making kit, on my kitchen stove. I added all kinds of colours and fragrances and felt like an alchemist! 

What made me decide to turn my hobby into a business is the stories people were telling me, and the memories they would share while smelling my candles. It is truly amazing the power that a scent can hold! And I feel humbled that I can help people hold on and relive those precious memories. 

What are my values?

My main goal it to provide beautiful and natural products, at an affordable price. I want everyone to be able to close their eyes, smell their favourite memories, and create new ones. 

I do not believe in adding preservatives or unnatural additives, I like to keep things simple and natural.

Each product is made to order to ensure every customer

gets the perfect one! 

The only ingredients that I work with are:

- Soy wax 
- Avocado oil
- Shea butter
- Cocoa butter
- Essential oils & fragrance oils 

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