My fragrances

Below are my current fragrances, they change throughout the year and I am happy to take custom orders if your favourite fragrance isn't currently listed.


Have you ever been to the forests of India, sat down and let the smells of nature surround you? A beautiful earthy smell, balanced out by a very subtle sweetness.

Blackberry & Vanilla

A fine balance between the tart fruity notes of blackberries and a subtle sweetness of vanilla bean.


Bergamot is such an amazing smell, its a crisp and clean citrus smell,it’s uplifting and energising, a favourite for many of my male customers! 


The name says it all, this candle smells of pure cinnamon, in all its glory! 

My essential oils

I use therapeutic grade essential oils; they are a highly concentrated
extract from the plant/flower/roots and have the similar benefits.
Essential oils are not intended for consumption, and should be used in small
and diluted doses, such as my special massage candles.


My products are made for personal enjoyment only,
not as a way of treating any medical conditions.
The below descriptions are indicative only.


Sweet and beautiful, this candle will take you on a tropical holiday.

Deliciously creamy and dreamy.

French Lavender

Lavender is known to help relax, and this beauty will certainly do that.

Close your eyes and breathe in deep, enjoy. 

French Pear

Oakmoss & Amber

A very deep and musky aroma, great for large spaces. Non-sweet, strong, yet not overpowering. This is definitely one of my more unique and manly fragrances.

Sweet Pea & Jasmine 

Extremely popular, very subtle floral notes,

with a delicate sweetness that you want to bathe in if you could.


I don’t go on holiday often, but when I do I want it to be like this;fancy cocktails on the beach, fresh fruit on the rim of my glass, and a sparkling ocean in front of me. Close your eyes, inhale, imagine! 


A creamy delicious bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Lime, Basil
& Mandarin

A beautiful blend of fragrances, an earthy basil with refreshing notes of lime and mandarin to lift it all up. A perfect choice for someone who doesn't like sweet, or something intensely citrus, it is the perfect balance. 


A lovely cooling sensation, helps to calm the body and can help to provide relief for sore muscles. Also great for; focus, clarity, alertness.


Uplifting, energising and revitalising. Great for circulation

and the nervous system. It can even aid your recovery from jetlag. 


Soothing and calming, lavender oil can help you to relax and sleep.

It can also be beneficial for migraines, anxiety, depression and stress.

A very popular choice for gifting. This candle has a subtle familiar sweetness, with notes of cinnamon, a real crowd pleaser.

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