6 great ways to re-purpose your candle jars!

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Are you keen to learn some great ways to re-purpose my candle jars in a stylish and efficient way? I love the jars I use for my candles and I truly hope that you do too, in this blog I will cover 6 ways that you can enjoy your jar for long after the wax has burned up.

But first let me teach you how to clean your candle jar in a way that is safe and wont damage the beautiful glass. For those that have followed me for a while, you know that this is one of the many reasons why I love working with soy wax, it is so easy to clean! You can read the instructions below or watch my Youtube Video on How To Clean Candle Jars.

How to clean the jar: - After burning the candle, blow out the flame, and use paper towels to remove as much liquid wax as you can. Be careful as the wax and/or glass jar may be hot to touch, so it may be best to let it cool down for a few moments. - In your sink (or a small bucket) mix some warm water with your usual dish washing soap. You don’t need much soap, just a tiny drop should be sufficient. - Gently place the jar in the warm soapy water and use a soft cloth to gently rub away any remaining wax. The warm soapy water will help to easily remove the remaining wax. - You can let the jar air-dry or use a hand towel to dry the jar.

Now that the jar is clean and dry you can use it for endless different purposes, but below are some of my favourites!

1. Lollies Who doesn’t love some colourful lollies showing through a fabulous glass jar? This is to pretty to hide away, so keep it on your desk at work, the kitchen counter at home, or in your favourite reading spot. Maybe even make a few for the kids, or your partner? Everyone can have their own jar to store their favourite lollies, no more fighting over who took your lollies.

2. Make-up removal pads These jars will never make your bathroom feel cluttered, instead they will do the opposite. This is a stylish way to organise your bathroom, especially if you have a tiny bathroom like mine. I like to put mine in the window sill, each is filled with something different; make-up removal pads, cotton buds, and cotton balls.

3. Office stationary Is it time to re-organise your work space? You can use these fabulous jars to help keep all your stationary organised. Colourful pencils, scissors, paperclips and anything else you can think of. Especially when using all 3 different size jars together, you can create a useful and stylish display of your efficient brain at work.

4. Make-up Are you sick of having to go through an overfilled makeup bag? I can never seem to find what I need. Using the clean candle jars, you can now store your eyeliner, lip gloss, and eyebrow pencil, in an easy and visible way. Even your make-up brushes will look fantastic with this simple and stylish solution.

5. Hair ties and don’t forget the bobby pins, those things always find themselves in places they do not belong. Have a dedicated jar for these little buddies and you will always be able to find them.

6. More candles! Of course another great way to re-purpose your candle jars is to use it to make more candles! There are many different methods out there you can use, but to keep things simple I have put together the perfect DIY candle making kit

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