Recycling in a candle business - Part 2

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

In my last 'recycling' post I focused on what my business did to help the environment, but an important part of my business is; me! I need to make sure that I do as much as possible on a personal level to make sure that my business can make the right choices too.

Now, I agree with some people when they say that the environment friendly options are a bit more expensive then the home brand, you cant deny that. However it can also not be an excuse. Making products in an environmentally friendly way myself, I know the costs and time that goes into it, so I know that it is worth paying the few extra dollars to get an environment friendly toilet cleaner!

I’m not going to pretend I run a 5 start environment rating household, because simple truth is that I am not, but the important thing is that I am trying. I am making conscious choices every week to purchase more environment and animal friendly items. Every time that I run out of something I try to replace it with a more preferred option.

Last week I bought cage-free eggs for the 3rd week in a row, and I love it. I am not noticing a whole heap of flavor difference but it makes me do a little happy dance that I am able to contribute in a small but significant way. We don’t consume a lot of eggs in our household so I think it is important for us to make sure that the eggs we do consume are cage-free.

Another thing I added to my shopping trolley last weekend was an eco-friendly dish washing liquid. It is made from several plant materials and is fully biodegradable. I must admit, I did stand there for a few minutes and tried to decide between this one bottle, or buying 3 bottles of chemical filled dish washing liquid for the same price! It is a touch choice when you live in a budget, but an important one. Whichever option you choose it has got to be the right one for you and your family. I ended up choosing the eco-friendly bottle because let’s be honest I don’t hand wash many dishes, I prefer to load up the dishwasher each night.

I have seen some fabulous videos lately in my Facebook feed about homemade solutions for dish washing tablets, they are made from ingredients in your baking cupboard and or garden! I do love these ideas and think that is an area I need to work on, because more than any other chemical in my house, we go through dishwasher tablets like crazy.

I would love to make you think about what chemical or food that you most consume in your household, and if you can think of a way to replace it with a more eco-friendly or animal friendly option? Or find a few smaller options that can help make a significant impact.

My main reason for writing this lengthy and personal blog post was to say that it is ok to not be perfect in your efforts, as long as you are trying! Every little bit helps, and if we all do a little bit each day we can make an amazing impact, I truly believe that.

Some great ways that my products can help you be more environment friendly is to reuse your candle jars and buy refills for my car diffusers instead of buying new diffusers and throwing the old one away.

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