The mysterious soy wax memory

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Did you know that your candle wax has a memory?

I know that is sounds insane and maybe it is not the right word to use, but really what better way to describe what is happening? Have you ever noticed how that one candle in your house will just never burn properly; it just seems to dig a big tunnel in itself! This effect is in fact called tunnelling and it has everything to do with the soy candle wax memory.

When you purchase a new candle, no one tells you this, but you are supposed to burn your candle until it has melted till the edges of the jar. The top layer should be completely liquid and no solid wax should be remaining at the edges of the jar. If you do not do this, then the candle will never burn further then the area of liquid wax that was formed the first time.

How can I fix this? The fix may look even stranger then the term ‘wax memory’ may sound, but you have to create a little ‘party hat’ of tinfoil for your candle. Leave the top open so the hot air can still escape, and secure the hat rim around the jar with some tape. Now light your candle and let it burn for a few hours until it has reached all edges, or until you have reached the maximum amount of recommend burn hours (3 hours).

The tin foil helps to circulate the hot air around the jar more effectively, so it helps to re-melt the wax that is still around the edges.

Be careful! If your candle is a larger size or has a big tunnel to fix then you may need multiple sessions with the tin foil party hat on. Also keep in mind the size of the wick; as you are re-melting the sides of the candle, you are flooding the wax into the middle, which can drown the wick and then there is no saving it as there is simply too much wax for the flame to burn.

Congratulations, you have learned how to brainwash a candle! I simply love the world of candles and the crazy terminology in it!

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