The perfect Christmas shopping list

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

December is around the corner, my favourite month of the year! While I love the celebration meals, the festive lights and songs, and the time spend with family, I hate the shopping! I always struggle with what to buy for everyone, and while I usually am able to come up with something last minute, this year I vowed to be more prepared.

For those who struggle just like me, I have shared my Christmas shopping list below;

Mums: She deserves something special, something that will help her to look after herself, as she always looks after all of us! A massage candle with calming essential oils like Lavender and Apricot kernel will be perfect.

Dads: While he might not admit it, everyone loves a nice smelling room. I agree that rose petals might not be his thing, so a Sandalwood scented soy candle is perfect. Sandalwood is a beautiful non-sweet fragrance that is perfect for men (and women who don’t like sweet smells).

Sisters: Sweet, darling sister, you might not always agree with each other, but the bond remains unbreakable. A Sweet Pea & Jasmine soy candle will be perfect for her. It releases a sweet and subtle scent throughout the room. It is hard growing up, but this femine scent will help get her through.

Brothers: Let’s be honest; most boy’s rooms smell of dirty socks, but if you hang up a strategically placed car diffuser (they aren’t just for cars) and no one will notice those smelly socks!

Grandparents: If like mine, your grandparents life in a retirement village, then they are likely not allowed to have any candles. At the same time diffusers can pose a hazard too if they get knocked over. But have you ever considered an electric wax burner? Wax melts will allow your grandparents to enjoy the beautiful scent of a candle, without breaking the rules!

Aunts: If you are like me then you might not see your aunt as much as you would like, so gifting her a room diffuser makes for a beautiful gift. Every time she smells the scent you have chosen she will be reminded of you.

Uncles: I reckon this one is the toughest, my uncle is a baker and a volunteer fire fighter. He enjoys the good life; nice food and time with his family. He might appreciate my Apple pie scented soy candle more then others.

Nieces & Nephews: Depending on their age, a DIY candle making kit might just be the best gift possible, as it will allow them to create something themselves, while spending time with you. And ‘time’ is really the best gift of all.

Best friend: The only way to say your friendship is forever is to give a meaningful gift. It is not about how much money you have spend, sometimes gifts that didn’t cost a thing are the most treasured. But if you do decide to make a purchase then the Himalayn salt tea light holder makes for the perfect gift. The salt stone will never perish.

Colleague: Secret Santa at work can be a struggle, especially if you don’t really know the person you have to buy for, or if the budget is to low to purchase what you really want to gift them. Tea light gift boxes are the perfect solution! They are only $8.50 each and come in a gift box already so you don’t even need to wrap it if you don’t want to!

Hopefully I have covered everyone, but if I have missed anyone and you would like me to recommend a product or a scent, feel free to email me and I will respond with my recommendation.

If you are stuck on what scent to get, buy a gift certificate and let the person chose their own!

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