Getting into someone’s car can be a real experience, either bad or good, so make sure your friends put your car under the ‘good experience’ category!

These little cute bottles will keep your car smelling beautiful for weeks to come. The diffuser comes pre-filled with your chosen fragrance, which is a
potent mixture of fragrance oils and a diffuser base oil. It slowly diffuses the beautiful fragrance through your car, wardrobe, or anywhere else you decide to hang it up!

Once your diffuser is finished you can buy a small refill bottle, no need to purchase a new diffuser ever again: better for your wallet, and the environment. Imagine getting into your car, being gently hugged by your favorite scents, relax, don't worry about that traffic jam!


Car diffuser: $25.00 (comes pre-filled with your chosen fragrance)

Refill bottle: $15.00

Please take care when refilling your diffuser, the liquid may cause stains, it is recommended that you wear gloves and use a small funnel to refill your diffuser.


Use the drop down menu to select your favorite fragrance for a truly personalized experience.


If you are purchasing this as a gift and you are unsure what fragrance to select, how about buying a gift certificate instead? 


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Car Diffuser & Refills

Car diffuser OR refill?
  • Your car diffuser will last you several weeks, depending on how strong you like them to be. Once you feel it has finished, you can buy refill bottles from my shop so you can re-use the difuser. 


    Please note that the liquid from the difuser can cause stains to surfaces and fabric so please take care not to spill. Can also cause skin irritations, so please wash your hands immediatly if your skin comes in contact with the liquid.