Scent plays an important part in how we perceive the world around us, make you’re your space is perceived the way you want it to be!


Are you looking for a way to have a constant, subtle, fragrance in your home or office? My beautiful room diffusers come pre-filled with your chosen fragrance and will keep the home or office smelling amazing for weeks. Simple, elegant, and efficient, who doesn’t love that?!


You could even put a different one in each room, creating the perfect mood; something to help you focus in the office, something calming to help you get to sleep at night, or something energetic and powerful to wake up to? Find your perfect scent!


- Room diffuser 120ml $30.00
- Vintage Collection diffuser (round 120ml): $35.00

- Vintage Collection diffuser (square 100ml): $35.00
- 100ml Refill bottle + 8 reed sticks $25.00 


Use the drop down menu to select your favorite diffuser and fragrance for a truly personalized experience.


If you are purchasing this as a gift and you are unsure what fragrance to select, how about buying a gift certificate instead? 


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Room Diffuser & Refills

Diffuser type
  • Your room diffuser will last you several weeks, depending on how strong you like them to be. The first few days you may find it very intense, but it will soon soften. 


    Please note that the liquid from the difuser can cause stains to surfaces and fabric so please take care not to spill. Can also cause skin irritations, so please wash your hands immediatly if your skin comes in contact with the liquid.